3d-radar eBay

Pretty cool eBay find.  A 3d-radar ground penetrating radar system.  I figured it would be loaded with commercial off-the-shelf parts which I might be able to reuse, and it was.  The SBC is an Intel T7600 with 2GB of RAM and an Intel 160 GB SSD drive.  It is running Windows XP Embedded.  The whole system seems to be written in Python 2.5.

The signal in generated by an AD9858 evaluation board.  All of the front end is made out of connectorized Mini-Circuits parts.

All of the DSP work is done with a Nallatech XtremeDSP Development Kit plugged into the Advantech PCI backplane.  Pretty cool design.  The FPGA kit has some type of Virtex 4 chip on it, two Analog devices 120 MSPS ADCs and two Analog Devcies 160MSPS DACs. They are only using one ADC for the radar.